Installing Masterpieces

The installation of a Stonetile project is an all important part of the Stonetile experience. We train our craftsmen in a rigorous training program and then equip them with the tools and a vehicle that allows them to create those masterpieces which you have seen around town or in the breathtaking photos displayed in our showrooms or on our website.

Year-round installation

One of the most under appreciated features of Stonetile appears to be the huge advantage of year-round installation. With exception of Stonetile all brick or stone-work, or manufactured stone and also stucco requires time-consuming and costly protection from rain or freezing or in many cases postponement to spring time.

Stonetile can be installed in all weather conditions all year round.

You can now DIY (do it yourself)

Installation Process

To ensure the highest level of quality and appearance, a Stonetile exterior is subject to these six phases

1. Design

From initial design and project specification to
archieving a high end finish.

2. Pre-Inspection

We offer quality tiling and painting solutions
for interior and exterior.

3. Material-Labour

We offer quality tiling and painting solutions
for interior and exterior.

4. Production

Stonetile products have been extensively tested
by independent agencies and approved by CCMC
(Canada Construction Materials Centre) and UBC
(Uniform Building Code).

5. Installation

When it comes to choosing a renovator to transfor
the interior of your home, quality and trust
should never be compromised.

Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to
the highest professional standards.

6. Post-Inspection

Stonetile has proven to be effective in setting special standards in cost control, planning, planning and project safety.

We have the experience of giving us a competitive advantage
over others in our field.


We’ve been installing project across North America for over 20 years, and have a vast
library of photos of our completed projects.

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if you are interested in seeing a specific tile or colour, please email the distribution closest to you and
we are happy to provide you with more photos to help you design your project.

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